Sunday, May 23, 2004

Means and Ends

I am a big fan of the comedy show 'The Simpsons'. Though it is a comedy show intended to make you laugh, sometimes the antics of Bart and the stupidity of Homer evoke some pretty serious thoughts in me. This is one such instance.

When Moe persuades an inexperienced H. to fight the heavyweight champion Dederick Tatum in a boxing match, he (Moe) says to H. "Look, Homer, you can win, all you have gotta do is visualise". Homer visualizes alright, not the fighting techniques, but the picture where he has defeated Tatum and is receiving the prize! Of course, that is the typical Homer Simpson. What scared me, was that I could see that I was also like him ! I am working on my Master's thesis right now. I am at the fag-end of the work. When I say to myself that I have to visualize and plan, the picture that comes to my mind is that of me submitting my completed thesis, getting a "Good work" certificate from my professor, telling all my relatives and friends about my work, etc. Rarely have I visualized working my butt off, though I think I do that!


Abba said...

that part about visualizing appealed to me and I forwarded this to Andy who is in the final 3 weeks of his Masters at Tata Institute trying to finish his project work in power electronics, demoralized and tired of the campus and waiting to join Texas Inst.

parijata said...

Welcome to my blog.
My best wishes to Andy :)

Abba said...

Your best wishes worked a miracle. Andy who gave his parents many sleepless nights is presenting his project product today and says his scores are 5.9 out of 8 credits. He has vowed to be very choosy about his workmates in his future teams. ( he had a guy from the army as his project mate). He is yet to see life and its ways.