Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A good way to save trees and widen roads

This Saturday, we visited our village. The traffic was bad, as usual. The heat added to our discomfort. One thing that was very noticeable was the dwindling number of trees on the highway. Yes, roads are necessary, but is there a way to keep the trees and widen the roads?

It struck me today when I was coming by bus on North Road. I saw that trees had grown on the tar road. It was wonderful (though how the roots are able to breathe, beats me). I felt very happy and thoughtful, and that is the reason for this post.

I have not been to Mysore a lot, but I have immensely enjoyed the few visits that I have made. A relative's house was right opposite the court. It was a beautiful place. There was a jackfruit tree in their compound... it was just heavenly. Well, anyways, the point that interests us is that on the road adjacent to their house, trees have been used as a sort of a divider. It is wide, and I remember that there are even benches under the trees, so one can actually sit in the middle of the road and watch the traffic go by. (My last visit to this relative's place was eight years ago, so I do not know the state of affairs now. I only hope that the trees remain.)

There is a similar system near my house in Bangalore, too. A park has been constructed right in the middle of the road. The park runs all the way along the road, and is really a sight for sore eyes.

When I saw the trees on North Road and thought of the park near my house, I heaved a sigh of relief. All is not lost...


bellur said...

Hi Parijatha,
Recently, it was very depressing to see several being cut near Malleswaram (Grade Separator kattha idaralla loka kalyanakkagi). This is just one of the several places where man is being really cruel to trees.

My first visit to your blog. Wonderful thoughts and opinion. Have read several of your comments in various blogs. Keep it going, happy blogging.

Thanks for visiting Rambling with Bellur.

Anonymous said...

The divider infront of the Court exists, but the benches are gone, mexican grass, acrylic boards have made their way in, benches are long gone and the people have no place to walk. Sad 'developments'. Arun

parijata said...

Bellur avare,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I have not been to Malleshwaram after the work on the grade separator started. It takes so many years for the trees to grow, but only a few hours if not minutes, to chop them down. It is very depressing indeed.

Arun avare,
Thanks for the comment. As I said, I have not been to that part of Mysore in many years. The last time I went there was after a very long gap. I asked someone in a shop at Ramaswamy circle to direct me to this road with trees growing in the middle, and lo, I got the correct directions.
Yes, the 'developments' are saddening, indeed. I guess the only things that are left to us are memories of the good old days.