Thursday, August 02, 2007

ಜೀವನಯಾತ್ರೆಯು ಸಾಗುತಿದೆ

ಚಿತ್ರಕವನಹನ್ನೆರಡನೆಯ ಚಿತ್ರಕ್ಕಾಗಿ ಬರೆದ ಎರಡು ಮುಕ್ತಕಗಳು

ಜನ್ಮಜನ್ಮಗಳ ಸಹಚರರಿವರು
ಜೀವನಯಾತ್ರೆಯ ಪಯಣಿಗರು
ಬಾಳಿನ ಸಂಜೆಯ ಸೊಬಗ ಹೀರುವರು
ಜೊತೆಜೊತೆಯಾಗಿಯೆ ನಲಿಯುವರು

ಕಣ್ಣಲಿ ಸೋಡ ಇದ್ದರೇನಂತೆ
ಚೆಲುವು ನೋಡುವರ ಕಣ್ಣಲ್ಲಿ!
ಅವರ ಕಣ್ಣಿಗಿವರೆಂದೂ ತರುಣಿಯೆ,
ಇವರ ಕಣ್ಣಿಗವರೂ ತರುಣ!


Gandaragolaka said...


Saw your comment on Urvashi on my blog. The suktam you mention is Rigveda X-95, where as that post on my blog deals with Urvashi in general considering all the suktas in which she is mentioned.

Nevertheless, the explanation on the blog is just one single perspective (by Aurobindo Ghosh) on how to look at the entity called 'Urvashi'. The more obvious one is a secular one where the meaning is taken literally.

abhishek said...

well... I see that you are interested in the vedas as much as you are talented in poetry! that is the good news of this entire episode! anyways, your poem is extremely philosophical and highly enduring.. makes me shiver! well... it's not unhealthy anyway..

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aram said...

Blessed indeed are the aging couple journeying together...

I used to love the romance in poetry in my school and college days.

One of my favorites then was the late John Brough's Poems From The Sanskrit (Penguin Classics 1968 - unavailable now).

I wonder if you had come across the following in the original in Samskruta.

(by an unnamed Indian poet)

"You are pale, friend moon, and do not sleep at night,
And day by day you waste away.
Can it be that you also
Think only of her, as I do?"

parijata said...

Thanks. The explanation for urvashI is very nice. Also, in the novel, Devudu mentions a 'sthAlIpAka' with this sUkta. I do not know what that means. It probably used to be a part of the wedding ceremony, but during my wedding, I could not discern any such thing.

Thanks for visiting. I used to write poetry earlier, 7-8 years ago. I have started again. Chitrakavana provides a nice, easy way to write :) I think it is easier to write when you're given a subject.

I love romances too. And when I think of the romance in Kalidasa's poetry, it just takes me out of this world.
I have not heard of the Samskrita original, but I can find out. It should probably be in subhAShita-ratna-bhANDAgAra.
You know, these days I look forward to your comments, whenever I write something!

Aram said...

"I look forward..."

Dhanyosmi !!!

I pray to Him to grant me consistency.

The trouble with me is I always manage to comment upon everything except the very spirit of the post and cannot resist adding extraneous matter.

It is remarkable that you four( , Parijata, Nilagriva, DS [?], and Seriously Sandeep) all apparently highly qualified engineers have mastered the Devabhasha and find time for everything...

Just goes to prove that the busiest person has time for everything and the lazybum has no time for anything.

A common trait I see in you people is your susamskrutatey(what is the correct word?) and a certain daiveekathey. I wonder if this is the result of your mastering engineering along with Samskruta.

I understand that the study of mathematics helps one learn structured thinking.

Thanks for leaving your footprints as well as a link to a silly Kannada post of mine in Ms. Aparna's site.

parijata said...

I always enjoy reading your comments. I like reading extraneous matter. When I write, it is very hard for me to keep to a single subject. Mulling about a book leads me to issues about the environment, and pondering about war leads me to a book I just read. So, nobody can digress more than me, IMO!

And I am still learning the dEvabhAShA and Engineering and Music and some other things... I have not mastered anything in life, yet.

Thanks for the kind words.

Aram said...

"I have not mastered anything in life, yet."

-- i am reminded of my Kannada Prof. Ramadas's words: A Master's degree does not imply that you have mastered something.. It only acknowledges that you have the capability to master the subject.

May you go on to be the Master of any subjects that catch your fancy.... and may you go on to create many masters!!!