Friday, March 14, 2008


Hip Grandma has tagged me to list five posts of mine on the following subjects:

My love
Anything I like.

Now, I have written only some fifty posts till now in spite of being on Blogger for more than three years. I do not have posts that satisfy some categories. However, I will do this tag, bending some rules - hey, rules are meant to be broken, right?

Family: I do not remember doing a post on my family, ever. I mention them randomly, but I have not dedicated a post to them, thus far. So, I will instead list the post that I wrote about our family trip to Maharashtra. And yes, I still have to finish the series.

Friend: 'Diamonds are a girl's best friends' says a wise guy. 'Books are man's best friends' says another. I tend to agree with the latter. I have done quite some posts on books, but this, this , this and this are my favorites. The last two posts are in Kannada.

I have my fair share of friends (in flesh and blood), and am proud of being their friend. However, my oldest and steadiest friend is Meera, a very well-read young lady, and great person to talk to.

My love: Ahem. Did I say I love books? And yes, I have professed my love for < Malnad and Kalidasa too. Does that count? Because I have not written even a single post about my husband. Most of my posts pass through his QA tests and most of his posts pass through mine (which probably explains why I like his posts way better than mine?). And no, I am not at liberty to disclose who he is...

Anything I like: This is the easiest one, by far. I like poetry, music, books and many other things. These are my favorite posts.
The AavaraNa controversy (in Kannada)
Elysium on Earth
A great story I had read as a child

I now tag December Stud, Krupa , Poppins Mom, Bit Hawk , Suptadeeptiand anyone else who would like to do this tag.


Aram said...

Very clever in addressing all the issues without revealing much! :-)

Poppins said...

Hey thanks for the tag, I'm a bit laidback wrt tags so shall do it if and when I get a chance, please do not mind !

krupa said...

Hey thanks for the tag!

After joining work,I have been working 80hr week:(

will get to writing the post asap :)

Aram said...

Sorry, not really connected to this post...

A very short guide to comparative religions.

For more serious stuff go to

parijata said...

I really haven't revealed much about myself, have I? ;)
Coincidentally, just the day before yesterday I was looking for sources on Existentialism. Thanks for the two links. The first one is, of course, hilarious. I am yet to explore the second one fully, but it seems full of interesting articles.

@Poppins Mom,
No problem.

80-hr week? I work about half of that time, but still find myself too busy to, er - blog. Do this when you can, no problemo!